Introduction of the First Peoples Hospital

of Yunnan Province

On April 1, 1939 Kunhua Hospital of Yunnan Province, the first Chinese Hospital in Yunnan Province, was established. After more than 70 years development, the First Peoples Hosp. of Yunnan Prov. (Kunhua Hospital) has become one of the most advanced comprehensive hospitals with strong medical service ability in Yunnan. As the affiliated hospital of Kunming University of Science and Technology and the authorized international aid hospital, it has been undertaking multiple missions such as medical treatment, clinical teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, guidance at basic level hospitals and foreign medical service as well as disastrous first aid. In 1992 it became the first national first-class hospital in the province. In 1999 the hospital won the national title of Top Hospitals. There are 2400 wardbeds in the hospital and more than 2 million outpatient visits and nearly 90000 patients were discharged each year. The comprehensive medical service ability ranked among the top in the province.

With the strong desire of reform and innovation the hospital is developing continuously and becoming stronger gradually. Located in Taiping Town, The New Kunhua Hospital of the First Peoples Hosp. of Yunnan Prov. has completed the construction, and is planning to start the emergency service and partly hospitalized service in the middle of 2016. The Xishuangbanna Hospital of the First Peoples Hosp. of Yunnan Prov. has been built for opening, and the Shijijinyuan Hosp. of the First Peoples Hosp. of Yunnan Prov. is planning to construct. The hospitals strategic target for the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan is Leading in Yunnan, Facing southwest, and Looking Forward to Southeast Asia, and it is striding for the purpose of becoming a regional medical center integrated with medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care.

Talents Cultivation and Numerous Famous Doctors

Out of 3574 staff, 3440 are professional and technical personnel and 474 people are highly ranked professional, and the number of famous experts, such as persons who have got special government allowance of state level/provincial level, national/provincial level outstanding contribution experts, Yunling scholars, Yunling famous doctors, has reached 74. The number of undertake doctoral tutors is 206, and 579 PhD and post graduate students are studying in the hospital. 10 young and middle-aged experts have won the title of provincial level academic technology leader and reserved talents, 3 persons have become medical leading talents of Yunnan.

In the duration of the 12th Five-Year Plan the work of personnel training has gradually standardized and institutionalized, and in the academic innovation team, at all levels talents selection and training work had made significant achievements. Out of 57 branch committees of Yunnan Medical Doctor Association, 20 chairmen and 42 deputy chairmen are from this hospital. In order to change the hospital degree of hierarchy it encourages the staff to promote their education level by the way of on-the-job education, and 539 persons have fulfilled their promotion of education level through evening school, postal tuition, on-the-job studying for PhD and master degrees. During the past five years 23 experts were sent aboard to study and over 200 were sent to other high level hospitals for further training. About 2620 persons have attended academic exchange conferences of different level.

Exquisite Medical Skills and Advanced Equipments

As one of the largest and strongest comprehensive general hospitals in the province, it has reached the leading position of national and provincial level in the fields of organ transplantation, minimally invasive medicine, gene diagnosis and therapy.

The Hospital has been approved the domestic fourth hospital in assisted reproductive technology and domestic second hospital of gene chip diagnostic techniques. The surgery of pediatric splenic fossa auxiliary heterotopic volume reduction liver transplantation was successfully performed and became the first case of the world. The first domestic technical support for repairing atrial septal defects (ECMO) and allograft lung transplantation was also completed in this hospital. And many other organ transplantations such as Southwest Chinas first case of hand allograft transplantation, the second and the third case of in vitro, expand domestic right liver resection and autologous liver transplantation, the first domestic cryopreserved hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, the unrelated hematopoietic stem cell transplantation the first case in the province. All these skills have reached very advanced level and indicating the medical skills in the hospital are at the leading level in the province.

The hospital has possessed various advanced medical facilities such as 3.0T MRI, different types CT scanners, SPECT, X-ray machines with DSA, full digital ultrasonic machines, and the total value of  these facilities has reached over 0.7 billion RMB yuan. A brand new PET-CT scanner will be used in the middle of 2016.

The discipline construction is developing side by side

Out of 63 clinical and technical departments in the hospital, 21 were recognized as national, provincial level clinical key departments, and 3 of them were enrolled in the national key specialty construction of clinical projects, 2 of them belonged to the cooperative projects between the hospital and famous universities.

In the hospital there are 3 provincial innovation academic teams, 1 provincial key laboratory, 1 post-doctoral research center, 6 scientific research centers approved by Yunnan Science and Technology Bureau, 15 academician/specialist workstations, 3 national training bases, 9 provincial training bases and 22 provincial medical unit internal institutions.

The fruitfulness of scientific innovation

In the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan the hospital has been awarded 52 items of Yunnan science and technology progress prizes by Yunnan Science and Technology Bureau and 63 items of medical science technology achievement by Yunnan Health Bureau, and 442 items of sponsorship of research fund projects. 1525 professional issues were published in various magazines and 65 issues were published on SCI magzines, and 20 medical books were compiled.

The medical service and clinical teaching are progressing together

In 2011 the medical school of Kunming University of Science and Technology was established, and the hospital was approved  as the affiliated hospital of  the university by Yunnan government in December. Till now the medical school has enrolled 363 medical undergraduates and 143 postgraduates.

The hospital is undertaking the teaching tasks of 16 medical specialties from 15 medical schools, and 362 postgraduates have finished their education in the recent 3 years.  There are 27 professional resident standardization training bases approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and Yunnan Health and Family Planning Commission. In recent 3 years the hospital has accomplished 117 items of national/provincial level continuous medical education programmes, and a lot of medical staffs have received  training from these programmes. Also there are some medical staffs from Cambodia, Lao and Myanmar have been trained as well as a group of French doctors received acupuncture training in the hospital.

The newly built clinical skill training center is going to provide a full digital clinical teaching and training platform for various medical staffs and medical students.

Public aid on time

In recent years the hospital has been taking part in many significant sudden events and geological disasters and saved many lives, such as the terrorist attack in Kunming on March 1st, 2014, The earthquake in Ludian County, the earthquake in Jinggu County, and the food poison event in Dali. Each time the hospital started emergency plans immediately and treated the wounded (patients) with all effort and shows the role of medical pioneer to the society.

The hospital has established the Kunhua Medical Union and the union has covered most of the province, various city and county hospitals are receiving supporting continuously from the hospital. Through the union the hospital is providing free staff training, remote medical consulting, expert lessons, dual referral and other medical services. This can make the patients from remote areas enjoy the advanced medical technology service at the provincial level.

The hospital has also accomplished international medical aid many times in many countries, especially the medical team in Uganda which has been taking care of the local patients for more than 30 years is demonstrating the international humanitarian spirit.

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